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Peek Practice-Based Evidence Framework Project

Funded by PEEK/Welcome Trust Fund.

To develop a continuous improvement approach that can help all of our programmes run as effectively as they can, reaching everyone.

We want to develop an easy-to-use, real-time, data-driven system that helps programme managers identify which groups are being left behind; provides rapid tools for engaging them to work out what could be done differently; and the ability to easily test whether these ideas actually make a difference. This approach will increase access to care for those who need it across all programmes, with the greatest gains experienced by the most marginalised groups.

HSS Health Strengthening System Project

Funded by Sightsavers and Light for the World International

This project aims at contributing to avoidable blindness prevention through health system strengthening in eye health training and practice in ECSA by addressing strategic drivers that affect eye health in the region in the East Central and Southern Africa countries.

The project seeks to sustain the solid gains made under the COECSA Strategic Plan 2012-2017 that included increasing the pool of skilled and motivated eye health workers, development and dissemination of standards of practice is eye health within the region and advocacy for eye health integration in health systems. COECSA designed this intervention in areas at strategic level will not only add value to ophthalmology but also contribute to the development of the health sector in general. The project seeks to continue and sustain the gains made in Phase I (2017-2020) through a number of critical interventions under the partnership albeit at the strategic level.

Modria Project

Funded by MUDSREH NIH grant

To use a multimodal database of clinical and retinal imaging data to develop algorithms for the diagnosis of PSED in an African population, thereby integrating the ophthalmic imaging function into normal clinic operations in Uganda and Kenya

9th COECSA Annual Scientific Conference 2022

Registration is ongoing for the congress which will be held on the 21st-23rd September 2022, at the Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC), Malawi.

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