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About US

Our Background

The College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COECSA) is a specialized virtual college. The college was registered in 2012 after a successful merger between the Eastern Africa College of Ophthalmologists (EACO) and the Ophthalmological Society of Eastern Africa (OSEA).

The aim of the College is to address the chronic shortage of human resource for eye health in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (ECSA), as well as improve the quality of eye care services in the region.

The College works with other regional and global initiatives to support international and country level commitments towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). COECSA plays a critical role in the sector because of its mandate and available expertise in eye care at different levels.

. The College products such as research, curricula, standards, quality assessments, and policy reviews provide the basis to further programmatic interventions. COECSA, therefore, places premium on partnership and collaboration as the synergies produce sustainable results.

Our Mandate

To support development of human resource for health through quality training in ophthalmology at resident and subspecialty level; set standards for professional ophthalmic practice; facilitate continuing professional development; contribute to health policy development; advocate for relevant policy changes in the region; promote research which advances ophthalmology in the region; and, create a forum for the ophthalmic practitioners to promote the profession and exchange skills and knowledge.

Our Geographical Reach

COECSA’s geographic focus is the ECSA region currently comprising of 12 countries.

South Sudan

Our Mission

To improve the quality of eye care through Training, Research and Advocacy, Leadership in Eye Care,and Creation for Exchange of Ophthalmic Skills, Knowledge and Resources in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.

Our Vision

Eye Health for all in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.

Our Core Values


We endeavour to work in collaboration with organizations that have similar vision and promote teamwork within and between member countries.


COECSA believes in embracing diversity and fairness as an overarching principle in health system.


COECSA seeks to promote novel ideas that facilitate better ways of delivering interventions and services.


The institution shall seek to remain transparent, committed and accountable to its constituency and partners by fostering good governance and accountability.