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At a minimum, COECSA’s fellowship programme aims to provide the following to its members

1.Use of post nominals i.e F C Ophth (ECSA)

2.Participation in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions

3.Eligibility to sit on the various committees and sub-committees of the College

4.Exchange visits to other institutions/ countries

5.Sponsorship for sub-specialty training (when they are available)

6.Eligibility to apply for research support through training and/or funding.

7.Affiliate membership to Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) of 

 England and Wales with the following benefits:

(a) Subscription to the RCOphth scientific journal EYE

(b) Invitation to the RCOphth annual congress

For one to become a member one must have:

1.An MMed Degree in Ophthalmology from the member universities or from a university that is recognized by COECSA Council

2.Registered with the official statutory registering body of the home country for such period as the COECSA Council may from time to time determine

3.Has passed relevant College Fellowship examinations as may be prescribed from time to time by the Council unless exempted by the Council, if in possession of equivalent postgraduate qualifications and competence approved by the Council

4.Must be in possession of a valid medical practicing certificate.

5.Must be a person of good character and in good professional standing with respective professional bodies.



The following notes on the regulations concerning applications for admission to the examinations are published for the guidance of candidates:

Completed application forms for the Fellowship examination must reach the COECSA Secretariat no later than 5.00pm on the closing date, which is approximately FOURTY DAYS before the exam is held. Late applications will not be considered.

The examination application form must be accompanied by the examination fee and certification as is required by the regulations. If you cannot supply all the relevant information you must contact the COECSA Secretariat or supply a covering letter as to the reasons why. All information must be sent within 14 days after the application closing date, if not before, otherwise the candidate will be withdrawn from the examination and forfeit their examination fee.

Upon receipt of applications the COECSA Secretariat will send all candidates a written receipt of application. Detailed instructions including examination dates and centers will be dispatched to all candidates within ten days after the closing date.

Applicants wishing to withdraw or defer their examination must notify the COECSA Secretariat in writing by 4.00pm on the closing date for receipt of applications.

Fees refund or transfer after this time will be subject to 20% administration fees.
If need be, applicants must apply for entry visas for the relevant country of examination in good time prior to the date of the examination. If a candidate is denied a visa after the closing date of receipt of applications they will forfeit their examination fee. If written evidence of the refusal of a visa is provided, the COECSA Examination and Accreditation Committee will consider requests for candidates to defer their examination, subject to 20% administration charge.
Candidates unable to attend an examination will forfeit their examination fee. In exceptional circumstances, the COECSA Examination and Accreditation Committee will consider requests to defer a candidate’s entry to the next examination sitting subject to receipt of written supplementary evidence (e.g. a medical certificate, a death certificate for a close family member) and subject to a 20% administration charge. Please note that lack of preparation is not considered a suitable reason to withdraw or transfer an examination entry.
All candidates will receive feedback regarding their individual performance in the examinations.

Results are posted by First Class Mail with the Pass List being displayed on the College Website. Results are only released upon approval of the Senior Examiner. We regret that examination results are not available by telephone or email.

A fellow is the highest and most prestigious level of membership at the college bestowing the hallmark of untitled-11professional excellence. One attains the Fellowship by sitting Fellowship examinations which are administered by COECSA. This elite group of professionals is often called upon to set standards for the Fellowship through a peer review mechanism.

Classes of Fellows

The College comprises the following classes of Fellows:

a) Founding Fellows

b) Fellows

c) Honorary Fellows

Founder Fellows

A Founder Fellow shall be a person:

a) Who is a signatory to these Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association

b) Who possesses the qualifications entitling the person to be registered as a medical practitioner and ophthalmologist in any of the countries from which the College draws its Fellows.

c) Who is enrolled as a Founder at the inaugural meeting prior to incorporation of the College and whose name appears on the printed list of Founder Fellows prepared for the inaugural meeting of the College held at Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in August 2004.


A Fellow shall be a person:

a) who is not a signatory to the Memorandum and Articles of Association and is not enrolled on the list of founder members prepared under Article 5 (2) (c ); and

b) who possess the qualifications entitling the person to be registered as a medical practitioner in any of the countries from which the College by resolution draws fellows from and who has completed a Masters Degree in Ophthalmology recognized by the Council and is a person determined by the Council to be of good character and in good professional standing and

c) who is admitted as a Fellow of the College by the Council according to such guidelines as the Council may from time to time determine generally or by by-law.

Honorary Fellows

An Honorary Fellow shall be an eminent person who is a person qualified in any professional field approved by the Council for the purposes of the College by the Council according to such guidelines as the Council may from time to time determine.

Full Membership
only $100
The ophthalmologist  Full Membership Plan payment.

Renewal is $50

Associate Membership
Only $50
Is a Recurring Fees for COECSA Associate Membership (Yearly) .

Renewal is $25