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By: William Stiers, M.A., Ph.D.


This entails further that choreography is not reducible to cordova pain treatment center memphis artane 2 mg sale a specifc series of movements in space hip pain treatment uk purchase 2mg artane otc, 402 since such a series is purely sensual and directly acces sible to joint and pain treatment center santa maria ca artane 2 mg lowest price the viewer. The choreography that is the object of aesthetic judgment is something over and above the actual movement of the dancers. It is a certain style, a “spirit of the thing” that endures even if—within rea son—a certain number of changes in detail are made to the choreography itself. If it is hard to describe exactly what this is, it is for the very good reason that chore ography, like all the arts, cannot be undermined into its elements or overmined into its efects, so that the work of the critic as of the choreographer is to grapple with something that never takes on defnite form in any particular performance. We might go even further and speak of the style of a choreographer over and above any of their particular ballets or other dance pieces, making each individual work only a specifc instance of disin carnate individual genius, however unpopular that idea has become. But of greater interest here is charm, which we men tioned above in connection with Husserl’s philosophy: the tension between a sensual object and its sensual qualities. The primary sensual object in choreography is, of course, the dancers, and to a lesser extent whatever scenery and props may be involved. At one point Kant gives us his best examples of charm: the fickering of a fame or the sparkling of fowing waters. Since this charm merely plays on the surface of sensual experi 403 ence, it does not give us the allusive experience of the hidden real that art requires. Nonetheless, as Kant says when giving us two other good examples of charm: “the purity of the colors and of the tones, or for that matter their variety and contrast, seem to contribute to the beauty […] because they themselves are agreeable, they furnish us, as it were, with a supplement to, and one of the same kind as, our liking for the form. But this is not as trivial as Kant sometimes suggests charm is, since it is not only “a supplement to” beauty, but “of the same kind as, our liking for the form. While charm is a matter of sensual delight rather than of the aesthetic object per se, it is “of the same kind” as our liking for that object. Kant solidifes his point by saying that the quali ties of charm “make the form intuitable more precisely, determinately, and completely, while they also enliven the presentation by means of their charm, by arousing 404 and sustaining the attention we direct toward the object itself. And while these charms seem to belong to the sensual objects in the arts (the grace of a dancer, the lovely tone of a woodwind), they also come into orbit around the hid den object itself: the choreography, in the case of dance. It has been treated as just another variant on prin ciples that hold good for all of the other arts as well. But given Kant’s formalistic distrust in hybrid forms, dance is still in for a small bit of censure. In his own words: “Oratory may be combined with a pictorial exhibition of its subjects and objects in a drama; poetry may be com bined with music in song, and song at the same time with a pictorial (theatrical) exhibition of in an opera; the play of sensations in a piece of music may be combined with the play of fgures, [viz. Perhaps Greenberg’s dominant underlying theme is that beginning in the latter half of the 1800s, most of the arts found it necessary—in order to maintain levels of 405 quality capable of surviving comparison with past mas terworks—found it necessary to focus solely on what each genre was able to ofer that none others could. If Richard Wagner is the most famous example of an artist who sought the fusion of as many artistic genres as possible, then Greenberg is the anti-Wagner, and Kant along with him. If applied strictly to dance, this princi ple would suggest the complete removal of music from choreography, and even the removal of all story. While these steps have no doubt been attempted in dance, it is questionable whether Kant’s modernist dictum against the fusion of genres is as binding as it seemed to be in the heyday of high modernism. The impurity of dance as of other genres, their careful mixture with neighboring and distant things, has much to recommend it. Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider There is something urgent about movement research today. We are already in the middle of a new chapter where movement research needs to be reconsidered in respect to the world we live in. Crucial to our understanding of movement research is the introduction of identity politics in the beginning of the 1990s, which for better or worse catapults the body into a politics that by defnition denies the pos sibility of authenticity, truth or presence. One could even say, identity politics aligned with a signifcant part of postmodern discourse (in which language is given a supreme position), so that the body as body is expunged or wiped out in favor of an understanding of the body as meaning, sign or signifcation. It is not a surprise 409 that so-called conceptual dance appeared in the mid dle of the 1990s and that choreography since then has often been favored over dance. It is equally no surprise that movement research had to lay low during those years when the body’s mysteries were somewhat em barrassing. Release technique invaded center court with its focus on reason, cognition and mechanics—release technique as a systems theory of the body—but the price to pay, supported by identity politics (where the body and subject always is discursive) was the erasure or extradition of the body’s unknowns.

Develop a method for sharing your results and conclusions to treatment for pain in uti artane 2mg on line classmates — and then potential follow-up investigations gum pain treatment remedies discount 2mg artane mastercard. S152 Investigation 12 Chapter 2 T13 Summative Assessment this section describes suggestions for assessing students’ understanding of the concepts presented in the investigation active pain treatment knoxville tn artane 2mg low price, but you are encouraged to develop your own methods the Summative Assessment section of postlab assessment. Each student (or group of students) should present data from a repeated, controlled experiment with graphic representation and quantitative analysis of (Teacher Manual) offers suggestions fruit fy choices. Have students record their experimental design, procedures, data, results, and for evaluating students’ understanding conclusions in a lab notebook, or have them construct a mini-poster to share with their classmates. For example, one learning objective isThe student is able to analyze data to identify possible patterns and relationships between a biotic or abiotic factor skills after students conduct their lab and a biological system(2D1 and 5. The student might be asked to complete a data grid of choice for fruit fies, analyze the data, and draw conclusions. Fruit Fly Choices Substance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A A B A B A B A B A B A B A B 1 X X 2 X X X 3 X X X X X 4 X X X X X X 5 X X X X X X X X 6 X X X X X X X X 7 X X X X X X X X X X 3. Complete a chi-square analysis of the results to determine if the distribution of the fies is signifcant. One possible extension for this investigation is to ask students to identify another Many of the investigations also organism that behaves similarly to the fruit fy and one that they expect would behave provide suggestions for extending the diferently. For example, students could substitute ladybugs, housefies, or mealworms for fruit fies and construct choice chambers using other substances that they think might be attractive to these organisms. It may be ordered separately (order number 45-2620 from Carolina Biological Supply Company). Excellent photographs help teachers and students identify diferent mutants and give guidance for sexing the fies. This resource is cited on many other sites, including the BerkeleyDrosophilaGenome Project. It is a general database that could be used by teachers or students who would like to have more information about any particular mutant. This resource would be helpful for teachers or students who have designed experiments that use the age of the fruit fy as a variable. This is a general resource that could lead to ideas for experiments or general information about fruit fies before the class begins the experiments. It includes links to other resources for general information and the scope of research aboutDrosophila. This resource includes very accessible material that would be helpful as a teacher begins the experiments. The focus of the laboratory experience is not on students achieving predetermined results, but on students making their own observations, raising questions, and strategizing how to investigate them. The benefts to students of conducting their own investigations outweigh any disadvantages. Advantages include more rapid development of thinking processes and application skills. The biggest disadvantage is the amount of time that may be required for students to conduct their own investigations. With this in mind, it is important to provide students with a timeline for each lab, with options that allow them to perform sections of the lab if fnding adequate time is problematic. Communicating and justifying explanations When creating a new lab or modifying a familiar one to be more student directed, inquiry based, and open ended, you should consider these fve expectations of students. In addition, when creating a new inquiry-based lab investigation or modifying a familiar lab, you need to identify how the investigation aligns with concepts and science practices outlined in the curriculum framework. You should consider what prior knowledge and skills students must have to perform the investigation, what skills the lab develops, and how the investigation connects back to and builds upon concepts that the student has studied previously. You also should provide students with guidelines and/or procedures for using particular instruments and equipment. This can be accomplished through prelab demonstrations, online tutorials, or other appropriate methods. In addition, you must consider any safety and housekeeping issues, and determine if the school has resources.

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This is why so many factories and countries pain treatment center in franklin tn order 2 mg artane visa, as a whole advanced pain treatment center edgewood ky cheap 2 mg artane mastercard, issue vouchers or some other coupon that can be used to menses pain treatment urdu cheap artane 2 mg free shipping buy specific items. One Kotebe worker said, “Although it is not in our collective agreement provisions, we use the cash given for milk to fulfil other interests, including to buy cigarettes. Kotebe pays only for the subsidized milk and canteen maintenance, water, electricity and telephone. Said one worker, “I save quite a good amount of money per month by having my lunch at the canteen, and I use the money to cover my bills for electricity and water. Government incentives No government incentives in terms of tax break or subsidies are available for the food solution in the canteen. Practical advice for implementation Kotebe’s canteen meals are cheaper than Moha’s because Kotebe is located in the outskirts of Addis, where the cost of meals at nearby restaurants is even less in comparison with the restaurants where Moha is located at Saris/Gotera. For countries that have long struggled with malnutrition, such a system offers one advantage: workers who may have had no meal get a small meal. Self-sustaining, profitless canteens serving inexpensive food can be a basic food solution in similarly poor countries. They cost the company virtually nothing to run, and they offer the workers a little extra that they might not ordinarily get. Given the initial investment in the physical structure of the canteen, it seems logical that companies and governments – with just slightly more investment – can vastly improve the nutritional status and productivity level of their country. Union/employee perspective the collective bargaining agreement at Kotebe is similar to that at Moha Soft Drinks: free health services (medical examination and treatment) and monetary compensation for accidents and injuries. In addition, as part of a collective agreement, Kotebe workers receive half a litre of milk each day or its equivalent in cash. The union is working for more benefits in terms of 136 Canteens and cafeterias improvements in the quantity and quality of food offered in the canteen. It is asking for more fresh vegetables and milk products to be made available by a substantial subsidy from the factory. One worker from Kotebe’s union said, “Every factory has a workers’ union in Ethiopia, where workers come together to fight for their benefit packages. This is because hiring and firing are simple in private factories [that is, there is less job security]. This [protection] offers a better chance for workers in public factories to negotiate with the management, whereas the private factories. If he takes the case to court, it will definitely take him not less than ten years to get a final court decision. I know friends who suffered for the last seven to eight years before they got decisions for their cases from the court, because the judiciary system in our country is not yet well organized to cope with the demands of innocent workers. McMurdo is Antarctica’s largest community, one of 16 science stations on the continent and one of three operated by the United States. McMurdo is located 3,500 kilometres south of New Zealand on the Hut Point Peninsula on Ross Island, the farthest southern solid ground accessible by ship. Food solution – key point: a diverse menu despite remote location and harsh weather conditions. McMurdo Station covers approximately 400 hectares with over 100 buildings and other structures. The dining facility is located in building 155, close to the dormitories and at the centre of activities. Building 155 also has offices, a retail store and dormitories for year-round residents. The dining facility serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and, in the summer, a midnight meal. The length of meal break varies by department, but most have an hour for lunch during the nine-hour day. However, the full hour break provides enough time to go to the dining facility, get a lunch, and sit down and enjoy a meal with some rest before returning to work. Food is free (that is, included in a scientist’s research grant or employee’s salary), and portions are unlimited, except for occasional speciality foods, such as lobster. What is striking about the menu is its diversity and similarity to canteens “back home”. McMurdo can offer such “ordinary” food at the very edge of the world through careful, clever and efficient planning, employing techniques easily 138 Canteens and cafeterias McMurdo Station’s canteen in Antarctica is bright, warm and pleasant.

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Unlike other enterprises featured in this publication pain treatment non-pharmacological buy artane 2 mg on-line, Husky did not design its canteen menu in reaction to pain home treatment artane 2mg on-line health problems such as diabetes or obesity treatment guidelines for chest pain discount 2mg artane visa. For example, red meat is not served because of its levels of saturated fat and hormones, and also because of the negative impact of ranching on the 77 Food at work: Workplace solutions for malnutrition, obesity and chronic diseases the Husky canteen is noted for its healthy, subsidized menu and pleasant atmosphere. While scientists are not in agreement over the health risks of hormones and caffeine, Husky takes the approach that these are not needed in the diet. The lunch break varies from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the operation and type of job performed. All canteens serve breakfast and lunch and none serve dinner; however, prepared meals are available for reheating. The company offers monthly educational sessions on a wide variety of health topics. Husky employs multidisciplinary clinicians who use education as one of the primary components of their treatment plan. The Wellness Center team includes two medical doctors, two occupational health nurses, a chiropractor, a naturopath (alternative medicine practitioner), a physiotherapist, two massage therapists and an administrative assistant. David Doull, a chiropractor at Bolton interviewed for this case study, is responsible for its global health plan; a second chiropractor works part time. As mentioned briefly above, Bolton has an on-site fitness facility that is free to all employees, their spouses and children over 18 years of age. It features cardiovascular and strength equipment and lunchtime fitness classes for aerobics, yoga and karate. Possible disadvantages of food solution Similar to Dole’s canteen, Husky offers no unhealthy options. Some workers in other settings might resent a lack of choice, a concept discussed further in the “advice” section below. This covers the wellness programmes (on-site health care, prevention programmes and education); fitness programmes; a child development centre; food service; and environment, health and safety. Husky’s saving are a result of: a low rate of absenteeism (half the industry average); lower drug costs (a quarter of the industry average); low injury rates (70 per cent below industry average); energy audits and recycling programmes; and the convenience of on-site services (increasing time spent at work). Schad, at 75, is himself a health enthusiast and looks at least a dozen years younger. At the Bolton campus, he has managed to instil a culture of healthy thinking and environmental responsibility. The Husky staff is largely health conscious as a result of health education and the progressive corporate culture. The Husky employees seem to willingly purchase healthy food at work and take advantage of other health benefits. Doull said the Bolton food service is more expensive than traditional canteen fair, but the company chooses to serve it because it is healthier for the employee. There does not appear to have been a 80 Canteens and cafeterias “revolt”, as seen in other companies presented in this publication, where healthy foods were removed from the menu for lack of sales. There’s an important distinction between Dole and Husky; both with their healthy canteens. Husky is a manu facturer, and the workforce is far more diverse than the Dole headquarters workforce. Here we have an example of blue-collar workers enthusiastic about healthy food options. This implies that healthy food need not be only for the “elite”, higher-educated corporate worker. Husky provides the same benefits at all its locations, even those overseas, which is admirable. All were impressed by the variety of healthy options, with a salad bar “second to none”, according to one worker. The menu allows them to easily meet the “five-a-day” fruit and vegetable goal and other healthy eating recommendations promoted by the Canadian Government. The canteen has also changed the way these employees shop for food and cook at home. She can now cook for her child and ensure the child has a nutritionally balanced diet, which some vegetarians (especially young ones) lack. Another employee has changed eating habits at home to help lower her husband’s cholesterol level.


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