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Fellowship Exams

What is Fellowship

A Fellowship is the period of medical training which an ophthalmologist undertakes after completing a specialty training program (residency). During this time the physician is known as a Fellow. Fellows are capable of acting as an Attending Physician in the generalist field in which they were trained. After completing a Fellowship in the relevant sub-specialty, the Ophthalmologist is permitted to practice without direct supervision by other physicians in that sub-specialty

Who is a Fellow?

A fellow is the highest and most prestigious level of membership at the college bestowing the hallmark of professional excellence. One attains the Fellowship by sitting Fellowship examinations which are administered by COECSA. This elite group of professionals is often called upon to set standards for the Fellowship through a peer review mechanism.

The College comprises the following classes of Fellows:

  1.  Founding Fellows
  2.  Fellows
  3.  Honorary Fellows

A Founding Fellow is a person who possesses the qualifications entitling the person to be registered as a medical practitioner and ophthalmologist in any of the countries from which the College draws its Fellows. Who is enrolled as a Founder at the inaugural meeting of the Eastern Africa College of Ophthalmologists (EACO) prior to incorporation of the College and whose name appears on the printed list of Founder Fellows prepared for the inaugural meeting of the College held at Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in August 2004.

A Fellow shall be a person who possess the qualifications entitling the person to be registered as a medical practitioner in any of the countries from which the College draws fellows from and who has completed a specialist qualification in Ophthalmology recognized by the Council and is a person determined by the Council to be of good character and in good professional standing, and is admitted by the college.

An Honorary Fellow is a person who is qualified in any professional field approved by the Council for the purposes of the College by the Council according to such guidelines as the Council may from time to time determine

Fellowship Requirements
  1. She/he should possess qualifications entitling the person to be registered with the official statutory or other registering body of any of the countries from which the College draws Fellows
  2. She/he has been registered with the official statutory registering body of the relevant country for such period as the Council may from time to time determine
  3. She/he has passed such relevant examinations the College as may be prescribed from time to time by the Council unless exempted by the Council acting in consultation with the examinations and credentials committee, as a person with relevant qualification equivalent postgraduate qualifications and competence approved by the Council
  4. She/he is already a specialist registered with the official statutory registering body of the relevant country the person has fulfilled the criteria laid down by the Council for admission by peer review e) She/he is found to be a person of good character and in good professional standing
Eligibility and Language Requirements

A medically qualified candidate will be eligible to sit the examination provided that he/she:

Is a qualified Ophthalmologist having successfully completed the M.Med (Ophthal) degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution.

All examinations by the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa are conducted in English.

The following notes on the regulations concerning examinations are published for the guidance of candidates:

Clinical Examination procedures

  • Unless notified, candidates are not permitted to use calculators in any section of the examinations.
  • Candidates are forbidden to communicate in any way with, seek assistance from, give assistance to, or interfere with the work of other candidates or the examiners in the examination rooms or elsewhere during the period of the examination, or indulge in any other form of unfair practice.
  • Candidates are advised to read the Cheating Guidelines regarding examinations.
  • Candidates are not allowed to use mobile phones. All mobile phones must be switched off and cannot be used as a method of time keeping. Clear instructions will be given to candidates regarding the timing of the examination.
  • All candidates’ Identification documents (I.D.) will be checked at the beginning of the examination and candidates will be required to sign a register for all examinations.
  • For clinical examinations, all candidates are required to present themselves in good time and are required to wear the provided name badges throughout the examination.
  • For clinical exams candidates must be appropriately dressed.
  • No candidate is allowed to leave the examination stations once the examination has commenced to avoid disruption to the cycles.
  • Candidates deciding to leave the examination station will not be permitted to re-enter the examination station.
  • Candidates wishing to go to the toilet must do so before the examination cycle begins.
  • No books, written material or electronic equipment are allowed on the candidate.

You may not take the following into the examination stations:

  • Bags & Coats – these should be place outside the examination area. We do not take responsibility for items left in the Examination area.
  • Electrical equipment.
  • All mobiles phones must be switched off
  • Calculators
  • Alarms on watches/clocks must be turned off


It is a serious disciplinary offence to attempt to impersonate another candidate or to have another person impersonate you during any part of the examination/s.

Cheating, (whether attempted or successful) will be penalized very severely by the Examinations Committee of COECSA.

The following are all considered as attempts on cheating:

  • Copying
  • Talking
  • Passing notes
  • Bribery
  • Unauthorized access to exam materials
  • Taking unauthorized material into the examination
  • Discussing clinical cases with candidates (if they themselves have not yet sat their clinical examination)
  • Claiming ignorance of any examination regulations
  • N.B. This list is not exhaustive

In the event of cheating (whether attempted or successful), the candidate may be disqualified from taking the examination for a number of years or be put forward to a disciplinary board that will make a final decision on the outcome.

Examination Timetable

The timetable of examination will be shared with confirmed examination candidates 20 days before the examination.

Important Note:

Aggressive or inconsiderate behavior, physical or verbal, to a patient should be noted on the reverse of the marking sheet and be brought to the attention of the chief examiner.

Overall Result

To pass the COECSA fellowship examination, candidates are required to pass all components (Structured Viva and OSCE). Candidates must re-sit the entire examination, even if a pass was previously achieved in any section.

Cross Compensation

If a candidate marginally fails the Structured Viva, their total marks for both the Viva and the OSCE will be added together. If this mark exceeds the combined pass marks for both components, they will be allowed to pass the examination. It is NOT possible to compensate a poor OSCE with a good viva result. Up to 2% from the pass mark is considered a marginal fail.

Notification of Results
The candidates will receive their results from the Secretariat after they have been presented and accepted by the COECSA Examination Board. The candidates are advised not to contact any faculty member or examiner regarding their results.

The College places great importance on providing guidance to those candidates whose performance failed to meet the standard to pass the examination. For the practical components of the examination, examiners are asked to provide notes to assist in this process, particularly if there is concern regarding a candidate’s
conduct during the examination (e.g. if the clinical method of the candidate was rough or caused patient discomfort). All candidates will receive details of their performance for formative purposes. It is intended that this is for personal information and that the candidate should only share this with his/her educational supervisor.


Appeals can be made to the COECSA Examination Board not later than 30 days after the date of results posting.

2019 Fellowship Exam
  • September 25th 2019: Train The Trainers Meeting.
  • September 26th – 27th 2019: OSCE and VIVA Exam
  • Venue: University of Nairobi
List of COECSA Fellows
1 Dr. Brian Savage Tanzania 5/5/2006
2 Dr.  Ashok Kumar Shah Kenya 5/7/2006
3 Dr. Joram .W. Odede Kenya 6/6/2006
4 Dr. Samira .D. Soni Kenya 6/6/2006
5 Dr. Millicent Kariuki Kenya 6/6/2006
6 Prof. Amos Twinamasiko Uganda 8/5/2006
7 Dr. Kenneth Kagame Uganda 8/8/2006
8 Dr. Martin Kollman Kenya 9/5/2006
9 Dr. Nkundwe Mwakyusa Tanzania 9/5/2006
10 Dr. Stephen Gichuhi Kenya 11/8/2006
11 Dr. Michael Masinde Kenya 11/8/2006
12 Prof. Henry Adala Kenya 11/8/2006
13 Dr. Grace Saguti Tanzania 14/7/2006
14 Dr. Anna Sanyiwa Tanzania 14/7/2006
15 Dr. Milka Madaha Mafwiri Tanzania 14/7/2006
16 Dr. Kikira Susan Sayuni Uganda 14/7/2006
17 Dr. Michael M. Gichangi Kenya 16/10/2006
18 Dr. Ada Beauttah Kakembo Uganda 25/8/ 2006
19 Dr. Prabha V. Choksey Kenya 25/8/2006
20 Dr. Emeritus Chibuga Tanzania 25/8/2006
21 Dr. Judith Mwende Tanzania 25/8/2006
22 Prof. Nicholas Kinabo Tanzania 25/8/2006
23 Dr. James Mselle Tanzania 25/8/2006
24 Dr. Angella Nakandi Uganda 25/8/2006
25 Dr. Rodah Munene Kenya 26/10/2006
26 Dr. Elkana Mong’are Kenya 26/8/2006
27 Dr. Claudio Owino Kenya 26/8/2006
28 Dr. Patricia Otieno Kenya 26/8/2006
29 Dr. H. Roberts Kenya 26/8/2006
30 Dr. Patrick Nyaga Kenya 26/8/2006
31 Prof. J. L. F Sangawe Tanzania 13/7/2006
32 Dr. Irmela Erdmann Uganda 12/12/2006
33 Dr. Daniel Oira Kiage Kenya 24/8/2006
34 Dr. Kazim Dhalla Tanzania 24/8/2006
35 Dr. Mark Wood Tanzania 24/8/2006
36 Dr. Anthony Hall Tanzania 24/8/2006
37 Dr. Dilawar Padhan Tanzania 24/8/2006
38 Dr. Irma Makupa Tanzania 24/8/2006
39 Dr. Daniel Mroso Tanzania 24/8/2006
40 Dr. Bernadetha Shilio Tanzania 24/8/2006
41 Dr. Dinah Masesa Tanzania 17/7/2006
42 Dr. Wanjiku Mathenge Rwanda 20/12/2006
43 Dr. Jefitha Karimurio Kenya 20/7/2006
44 Dr. Joy W. Kabiru Kenya 21/11/2006
45 Dr. Parkar Ahmed Kenya 22/11/2006
46 Dr. Fredrick Kagondu Kenya 23/ 11/2006
47 Prof. Dunera Ilako Kenya 28/9/2006
48 Dr. Daniel Balina Nseko Uganda 29/6/2006
49 Dr. Amosi Mwaka Uganda 30/11/2006
50 Dr. Wabulembo Geoffrey B. Uganda 30/6/2006
51 Dr. Richard Bowman Tanzania 31/8/ 2006
52 Dr. Ibrahim Matende Kenya 31/8/2006
53 Dr. Demissie Bekele Kenya 3/7/2007
54 Dr. Benedicto Watmon Uganda 3/7/2007
55 Dr. Owen Ogony Kenya 4/7/2007
56 Dr. Hellen Nzuki Kenya 6/7/2007
57 Dr. Dharminder .S. Walia Kenya 6/8/2007
58 Dr. Caroline W. Mwangi Kenya 7/2/2007
59 Dr. Joseph Matiya Msosa Malawi 8/31/2007
60 Dr. William Adima Uganda 11/7/2007
61 Dr.Frank Mwesigye Uganda  29/5/2007
62 Dr. Francis M. Wambuzi Uganda 13/4.2007
63 Dr. John Binta Kahwa Uganda 13/4/2007
64 Dr. Anne Ampaire Musika Uganda 13/4/2007
65 Dr. Juliet Otiti Sengeri Uganda 13/4/2007
66 Dr. Christopher Magimbi Uganda 13/4/2007
67 Dr. Nsibirwa Grace Ssali Uganda 13/4/2007
68 Dr. Ludovica K. Tindyebwa Uganda 13/4/2007
69 Dr. Edward Nkurunziza Uganda 13/7/2007
70 Dr. Christine Nabatanzi Uganda 13/7/2007
71 Dr. Kahaki Kimani Kenya 16/3/2007
72 Dr. Shaffique Jafferji Kenya 17/7/2007
73 Dr. Rajenrasinh Gohil Kenya 21/6/2007
74 Dr. Albert Mainga Manguyu Kenya 21/6/2007
75 Dr. Daniel Gachihi Mundia Kenya 21/6/2007
76 Dr. Oscar Onyango Muwale Kenya 21/6/2007
77 Dr. Godfrey Nyaga Kenya 21/6/2007
78 Dr. Rose Mutumba Uganda 20/3/2007
79 Dr. Amos Kibata Githeko Kenya 22/8/2007
80 Dr. Amos Nyathirombo Kenya 22/8/2007
81 Dr. James Joash Musyoki Kenya 22/8/2007
82 Dr. Mumtaz Shaffique Hirani Kenya 23/1/2007
83 Dr. Winston Hosea Kimweri Tanzania 23/8/2007
84 Dr. Margret W. Njuguna Kenya 24/ 5/2007
85 Dr. Mwale Consity Zambia 24/8/2007
86 Dr. Mohammed Mansurali Bhaiji Kenya 27/7/2007
87 Dr. Gray Grace Mugume Uganda 28/5/2007
88 Dr. Paddy Buteraba Musana Uganda 29/5/2007
89 Dr. G.N. Kamau Kenya 31/7/2007
90 Dr. Victor Njom Miganda Kenya 9/5/2008
91 Dr. Fayaz Ahmed Khan Kenya 9/27/2008
92 Dr. Kipkorir J .A. J Kenya  17/9/2008
93 Dr. Sheila Akinyi Marco Kenya 8/9/2009
94 Dr. Namwoyo Tukei Asahel Uganda 8/20/2009
95 Dr. Kasadhakawo Moses Uganda 8/20/2009
96 Dr. Asiwome Kwese Seneadza Zambia 8/20/2009
97 Dr. Yeshigeta Gelaw Berhanu Ethiopia 8/21/2009
98 Dr. Mukesh Joshi Kenya 8/21/2009
99 Dr. John Onyango Uganda 8/31/2009
100 Dr. Fatson Liche Zambia 9/25/2009
101 Dr. Hillary Rono Kenya 9/28/2009
102 Dr. Mpekethu Mingaine Kenya 9/28/2009
103 Dr. Joseph Nyamori M. Kenya 9/28/2009
104 Dr. Grace Mutati C. Zambia 9/28/2009
105 Dr. Ollando Ernest Kenya 10/7/2009
106 Dr. Mulenga K. Muma Zambia 11/19/2009
107 Dr. James C. Bett Kenya 11/30/2009
108 Dr. Francis K. Mutangana Rwanda 11/30/2009
109 Prof. Ateenyi Agaba Uganda 12/4/2009
110 Dr. Lucy Njeri N. Kenya 12/10/2009
111 Dr. Jamlick Inoti Kenya 12/22/2009
112 Dr. Saiba Semanyenza S. Rwanda 3/19/2010
113 Dr. Justino Muinde Kenya 4/28/2010
114 Dr. A. N. Mbongo Zindamoyen Rwanda 8/20/2010
115 Dr. Joel Dembele Rwanda 8/20/2010
116 Dr. John Nkurikiye Rwanda 8/20/2010
117 Dr. Levi Kandeke Burundi 23/112010
118 Dr. Sarah Sitati Kenya 24/11/2010
119 Dr. Hatim Yusufali Kenya 24/11/2010
120 Dr Eshete Almaz Ethiopia 3/25/2011
121 Dr. Adamu  Liknaw Ethiopia 3/25/2011
122 Dr. Somega Yewubnesh Hailu Ethiopia 3/25/2011
123 Dr. Lisanework Hailu  Mulu Ethiopia 3/25/2011
124 Dr. Shifa Ethiopia 3/25/2011
125 Dr. Yonas  Tilahun Ethiopia 3/25/2011
126 Gessesse Girum Woldegebreal Ethiopia 3/25/2011
127 Dr. Demissie Berhan Solomon Ethiopia 3/25/2011
128 Dr. Ababora  Jafer Kedir Ethiopia 3/25/2011
129 Dr. Habtegiorgis Zelalem Ethiopia 3/25/2011
130 Dr. Michael Yilma Alem Ethiopia 3/25/2011
131 Dr. Alemu Abiye Mulugeta Ethiopia 3/25/2011
132 Dr. Woldehanna Addis Tenkir Ethiopia 3/25/2011
133 Dr. Tessema Tiliksew Teshome Ethiopia 3/25/2011
134 Dr. Shibeshi  Menen Ayalew Ethiopia 3/25/2011
135 Dr. Sori Sisay Bekele Ethiopia 3/25/2011
136 Dr. Tsegaab Reda Araya Ethiopia 3/25/2011
137 Dr. Adera Tesfaye Haileselassie Ethiopia 3/25/2011
138 Dr. Wondimagegn Guadie Sharon Ethiopia 3/25/2011
139 Dr. Elias Hailu Ethiopia 3/25/2011
140 Dr. Jason Pithuwa DRC 24/11/2011
141 Dr. Judy Ndiritu Kenya 24/11/2011
142 Dr. Emmanuel Nyenze Kenya 24/11/2011
143 Dr. Caleb Momanyi Kenya 24/11/2011
144 Dr. Muchai Gachago Kenya 24/11/2011
145 Dr. Celestin Habiyakare Rwanda 3/25/2011
146 Dr. Yemisrach Hailu Gebretsadick Ethiopia 3/25/2011
147 Dr. Zelalem Tafesse Wudineh Ethiopia 22/11/2012
148 Dr. Faith Masila Kenya 22/11/2012
149 Dr. Rebecca Oenga Kenya 22/11/2012
150 Dr. Korir Fredrick Kipkoetch Kenya 22/11/2012
151 Dr. Ajevi Austine Shiruli Kenya 22/11/2012
152 Dr. Amar Moorgawa Singh Mauritius 22/11/2012
153 Dr. Abdiraman Abdulahi Ali Hayle Somali 22/11/2012
154 Dr. Picard Adubango Undendere DRC 30/11/2012
155 Dr. Meseret Ekigu Kassa Ethiopia 30/11/2012
156 Dr. Charles Umesumbu DRC 26/9/2013
157 Dr. Hydara Abba Gambia 26/9/2013
158 Dr. Virginia Mensah Ghana 26/9/2013
159 Dr. Chepkener Alexandria Kenya 26/9/2013
160 Dr. Gilbert Cheruiyot Kenya 26/9/2013
161 Dr. Millicent Bore Kenya 26/9/2013
162 Dr. Sandra Aldaoud Kenya 26/9/2013
163 Dr. Elisante Muna Tanzania 26/9/2013
164 Dr. Furahini Mndeme Tanzania 26/9/2013
165 Dr. Simon Arunga Uganda 26/9/2013
166 Dr. Zipporah Phiri Zambia 26/9/2013
167 Dr. Loise Kwamboka Moguche Kenya 26/9/2014
168 Dr. Situma Peter Wanyama Kenya 26/9/2014
169 Dr. Michael Ojuma Kenya 26/9/2014
170 Dr. Mark Ng’ang’a Kenya 26/9/2014
171 Dr. Irene Makite Kenya 26/9/2014
172 Dr. Monica Bitok Kenya 26/9/2014
173 Dr. Kudrati Mufaddal Kenya 26/9/2014
174 Dr. Catherine Wamuyu Kareko Kenya 26/9/2014
175 Dr. Chatonda Manda Malawi 26/9/2014
176 Dr. Teofilo Cordova Peru 26/9/2014
177 Dr. Frank Sandi Tanzania 26/9/2014
178 Dr. Frank Sandi Zambia 26/9/2014
179 Dr. Willard Mumbi Bwalya Zambia 26/9/2014
180 Dr. Tigo Nicholas Mutua Kenya 6/8/2014
181 Dr. Benjamin Roberts Kenya/US 6/8/2014
182 Dr. Mukiri Mukuria Kenya 6/8/2014
183 Dr. Niyonsavye Leopold Burundi 28/9/2015
184 Dr. Alemayehu Woldeyes Tefera Ethiopia 28/9/2015
185 Dr. Fisseha Admassu Ayele Ethiopia 28/9/2015
186 Dr. Gilbert Batieka Bonsaana Ghana 28/9/2015
187 Dr. Irene Makite Kenya 28/9/2015
188 Dr. Monicah Cheptoo Bitok Kenya 28/9/2015
189 Dr. Lily Nyamai Kenya 28/9/2015
190 Dr. Amberin Fatima Fazal Kenya 28/9/2015
191 Dr. Anton Vurdat Zambia 28/9/2015
192 Dr. Lloyd C.M Harrison-Williams Sierra Leone 28/9/2015
193 Dr. Remezo Philbert Burundi 22/9/2016
194 Dr. Jean Claude Niyonzima Burundi 22/9/2016
195 Dr. Beyiah Pius Kamsang Cameroon 22/9/2016
196 Dr. Alfred Osafo-Kwaako Ghana 22/9/2016
197 Dr. Stella Njeri Nguyo Kenya 22/9/2016
198 Dr. Maria Namono Wanyonyi Kenya 22/9/2016
199 Dr. Maureen S. Mutula Kenya 22/9/2016
200 Dr. Grace Nyawira Nguyo Kenya 22/9/2016
201 Dr. Rebecah Namweyi Nandasaba Kenya 22/9/2016
202 Dr. Petros Cyrus Kayange Malawi 22/9/2016
203 Dr. Argentino Albino Mozambique 22/9/2016
204 Dr. Lacea Alfredo Mozambique 22/9/2016
205 Dr. Jalikatu Mustapha Sierra Leone 22/9/2016
206 Dr. Mutale Nyaywa Zambia 22/9/2016
207 Dr. Brighton Samoyo Zimbabwe 22/9/2016
208 Jao Ombi Nyamita TANZANIA 10/25/2017
209 Budengeri Patrick BURUNDI 10/25/2017
210 Theophile Tuyisabe RWANDA 10/25/2017
211 Matsinhe Cristovao Daniel MOZAMBIQUE 10/25/2017
212 Mwanansao Christopher Evarist TANZANIA 10/25/2017
213 Zwane Tholakele Fortunate SWAZILAND 10/25/2017
214 Mustafa Yusufali TANZANIA 10/25/2017
215 Badria Mushi TANZANIA 10/25/2017
216 Aza Lyimo TANZANIA 10/25/2017
217 Rotich Manasseh Kipsang KENYA 10/25/2017
218 Mbuthia Jeffrey Muraguri KENYA 10/25/2017
219 Kalu Agnes Idza KENYA 10/25/2017
220 Shiramba Imbova Brian KENYA 10/25/2017
221 Ongango Felix Otieno KENYA 10/25/2017
222 Esevwe Sylvia Sagina KENYA 10/25/2017
223 Dange Umar Abubakar NIGERIA 10/25/2017
224 Abdella Aida Sraj ETHIOPIA 10/25/2017
225 Machimoto Kennedy Wabwile KENYA 10/25/2017
226 Jacinta Feksi TANZANIA 10/25/2017
227 Evarista Mgaya TANZANIA 10/25/2017
228 Maureen Takusewanya UGANDA 10/25/2017
229 Moira Gondiwa MALAWI 10/25/2017
230 Heda Aarti INDIA 23/11/2018
231 Maswai Charles Kipkirui KENYA 23/11/2018
232 walaba Brenda peres KENYA 23/11/2018
233 ongore Vivian KENYAN 23/11/2018
234 Paul Patrick Mayan SOUTH SUDANESE 23/11/2018
235  loice Njoki Mwangi KENYAN 23/11/2018
237 Daniel  Getaneh  mulatu ETHIOPIAN 23/11/2018
239 Bayu Guteta Gebre Michael ETHIOPIAN 23/11/2018
240 Haftamu Assefa ETHIOPIAN 23/11/2018
241 Ayalew Liya Solomon ETHIOPIAN 23/11/2018
243 Yizengauli belay Mulugeta ETHIOPIAN 23/11/2018
244 Maureen Kiaraho   23/11/2018
245 mutinda Lazarus Wambua KENYAN 23/11/2018
246 Tolesa Kumale Daba ETHIOPIAN 23/11/2018
247 Agwella Emmanuel .O.Limo UGANDA 23/11/2018
248 Muturi cliff Mwangi KENYAN 23/11/2018
249 Mahfudh Khalila Ali KENYAN 23/11/2018
250 Ajang albino William SOUTH SUDANESE 23/11/2018
251 Nyakagwa frank Okanda KENYAN 23/11/2018
252 Lucy Namakula UGANDA 23/11/2018
253 Patrick Ruhagazire  BURUNDI 23/11/2018
255 Atukunda Immaculate UGANDA 23/11/2018