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COECSA’s Governance

COECSA’s supreme decision-making organ is the Annual General Assembly (AGA) which convenes yearly. This brings together all COECSA fellows and members to drive policy and chart strategic directions for COECSA. COECSA also has a Council, which reports to the AGA, and whose mandate is to implement the decisions of the AGA through the Secretariat.

The Council has standing and ad-hoc committees that help it effectively and efficiently process its business. These include the Executive Committee and Standing committees. The Executive Committee assumes overall leadership of the Council and includes the President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the immediate past President and the Programme Manager. Standing committees include: Education and Scientific; Examinations and Accreditation;

The COECSA Secretariat works under the guidance of the Council through the Executive Committee (ExCom).

  • COECSA Council Governance Manual
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